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Title: TCB Farmers – 3 Sisters Growing it Ourselves in 2021
Author: TCB Farmers
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Category: Small Kitchen Garden
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Description: TCB Farmers GIY 2021- 3rd Video Submission.

TCB Farmers is actually the acronym of the names of three sisters in their birth order...T-Tamika, C-Ciara and B-Bre'Anna.

Ciara, 13 took up planting at a young age and during her SEA prep in 2020 decided to encourage her sisters Tamika, 22, who has special needs and Bre, 9, the busy body in the household to be part of her garden therapy.

They enjoy recycled container gardening in their concrete jungle backyard. The sisters have a variety of vegetables (parchoi, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers); herbs (shadon beni, celery, chive, sweet, lemon, cinnamon and chocolate basil, lavender, rosemary and mints) and ornamental plants nestled in their tiled yard in Victoria West, Trinidad.

They continue to encourage organic planting through composting . Because they have NO earth to plant in, they collect grass clipping from neighbour's and CEPEPP, fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells and other compostable ingredients and compost in an old washing machine.

The journey continues as they keep educating themselves through research, trail and error to ensure they grow what they eat.