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Title: Denyse's Kitchen Garden-Final Video
Author: Dee
Votes: 5

Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Size of garden: 33 sq feet
Seedlings planted: April 26th
Category: Medium
Crops planted: Pak Choy, Ochroes,Kale,Lettuce,Chive

This competition has always been a welcomed initiative.
Gardening remains a passion for me on multiple levels.
The concept of growing what you eat and eat what you grow is now more than ever vital, given the Covid pandemic.
Obviously, prices of crops have skyrocketed and restrictions placed have limited the movements of individuals.
This years competition, I opted to use raised beds (grow boxes), this way, I could control to some extent weeds. Each crop was given its own box to thrive.

The above named crops came with a few challanges namely pests. I remained true and used natural deterrents such as soapy water and garlic water. By the time the second video was uploaded,my lettuce box was filled. However, due to the heavy rains I started reaping some of the leaves.

For the third video, my pak choys were huge and some of the leaves of my lettuce started having a dark spotted look. Three of my ochro plants started flowering and when looked closely, ochroes were forming.

All in all, the competition was fun and I learned many things along the way.