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Title: K.R Cascadura's 3rd video submission for the GIY competition.
Author: K.R Cascadura
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Category: Best Aquaponics Kitchen Garden
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Description: AUTHOR: K.R Cascadura
CATEGORY: Best Aquaponics Kitchen Garden

Check out my aquaponic system which uses a filtration system and a grow-bed to keep my water parameters in check for growing healthy cascadu while also producing high quality vegetables. The grow-bed is approximately 12 sq.ft and the growrack is about 30 sq.ft, for a total of 42 sq.ft.
The plants chosen for adjudication include:
- lettuce,
- shadon beni,
- pak choy,
- chive.

The system is sustainable since:
- No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are needed.
- Efficient utilization of nutrients since excess nutrients present in the fish waste is used to grow the plants.
- Our local wild stock of cascadu is declining due to over fishing and obstruction of natural waterways. Pants in the aquaponic system improve water quality, allowing efficient production of cascadu. Hopefully, for each cascadu produced, one less would be harvested from the wild thereby preserving the local stock.
Thank you for viewing my video submission