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Title: Curleena's 3rd video submission
Author: Curleena
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Greetings everyone! Welcome back. This is my third video submission. The size of my garden is approximately 7ftx 5ft which is equivalent to 35sqft.
The crops I planted were Lettuce, pakchoi, chive, celery, chadon Beni, cucumbers, sweet pepper and ochro.
Recycle materials were used for the construction of this entire layout, materials such as: bamboo, I also inserted a simple irrigation system using recycled plastic water bottles.
Since we are all currently experiencing harsh economic times I decided to be my neighbour`s and family keeper by distributing some of the vegetables after I harvested them.
The sub-categories I wish to enter are: Most innovative, Most decorative, Most sustainable and best influencer
Some issues I encountered at the early stage of the competition were pest infestation, pest such as, locust and snails but in a nick of time the problem was solved. I mixed a homemade remedy in a spray bottle including, clove, garlic, bay leaf and cayenne pepper.
I also support the need for healthier lifestyles in my community by making my crops 100% organic. I used compost, top soil and goat manure. I also made a compost tea using fruits and vegetables scraps etc. Compost teas are on even shakier ground when the tea is used to improve the soil.
Compost has been shown to improve soil tilth, help soil retain nutrients, enhance nutrient availability, increase rooting depth, and suppress root diseases. Compost tea contains relatively.
I used the National colours of Trinidad and Tobago as my theme Red, White and Black because red is the colour most expressive of our country. It represents the vitality of the land and its people; it is the warmth and energy of the sun, the courage and friendliness of the people.
I also used burgundy mulch, little garden creatures, and colourful pebble for just a little dazzle.

I must admit that this competition was a fun-filled and learning experience, if I didn’t enter this competition I wouldn`t be able to discover such talent and fabulous gardening skills. Based on the results of my crops I think I did a fantastic job.