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Author: Rondell Edwards
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: Welcome to the final episode of Rondell's Kitchen Garden for The GIY Challenge 2021. This has been a great experience, thank you to the Ministry of Sport and Community Development.

This garden is approximately 60 square feet, which falls in the Large Kitchen Garden category. The seedlings were planted on Thursday 22nd April, 2021, they are: Celery, Chive, Shadon Beni, Ochroes, Cucumbers and String Beans.

The crops were planted on the ground, soil mix was applied to the soil on the ground to help develop my seedlings and provide them with the necessary nutrients. Additionally, coconut husk was also used which helped to maintain the health of the plants, allowing them to grow larger.

The bamboo was used as a trellis to support the String Bean and Cucumber plants. White lattice was used to highlight the measurement of the garden which is 7.5 ft x 8 ft and as a form of decoration as well. Larva rocks and blue fine stones were also used as decorations, however, the Larva rocks also served to provide optimum drainage to the beds. Furthermore, my garden also had drain beds, which helped to provide the plant roots with the necessary oxygen they need to survive, The drain beds were important because it helped the plants not to retain to much of water.

The marigold, rosemary and peppermint plants were used as pest repellants in my garden, however, the marigold also served as a form of decoration.

Thank you for viewing this video and all the best to everyone. 🙂