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Title: Leah’s Medium Kitchen Garden (final video)
Author: Leah Sorias
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Size of garden: 32 sq feet
Seedlings planted: April 27
Category: Medium
Crops planted: kale, tomato, celery, chive, shadon benni, patchoi
Prizes aiming for: Decorative Garden, Most Sustainable, Most Innovative

I appreciate that the Ministry decided to bring back the GIY Challenge this year. I think it was definitely needed. Growing crops on a competitive level like this was not only fun but it took away a lot of the pandemic-related stress.
I learnt so much from last year's competition and I was able to apply most of it to this year's competition.
For instance, last year I had some issues with leaf miners on my tomatoes and yellowing and curling leaves.
When judges visited then they advised that the leaf issue was due to a calcium and nitrogen deficiency.
When I planted this year's batch, I made sure to plant egg shells and some vegetable peelings in the holes and watered the plants with a combination of blended vegetable peelings as well as fertilizers from a nearby agro shop.
I also pruned the leaves more often, removing sucker leaves and bottom branches to increase energy uptake.
Fortunately,I had no issues with pests on the tomatoes this year, not even leaf miners.
As to the patchoi, I did initially have a problem with some tiny snail-like creatures eating the seedings, but I quickly got rid of most of them using a homemade garlic spray solution.

After the competition ends, my kale, tomatoes, chive, celery and shadon benni will live on. It feels good to be able to pick fresh kale from my garden for my daily healthy smoothies.
I am also happy that I will be able to use my garden setup for years to come because it's a permanent structure.
As mentioned in the previous video, I hand-painted all signs, name tags and other decor in my garden myself using scraps of wood and acrylic paint. They were sprayed with a protective coat to prevent water damage.
Marigolds were planted between the crops to help prevent bugs and to beautify the space. I have petunias and begonias on the walls to brighten it a bit.
Thanks for viewing and good luck to everyone!