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Title: Helping Children Grow Foundation GIY Challenge 2021 Part 2 of 3
Author: hcgfoundation
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: We, Helping Children Grow Foundation (HCGF), created our garden by engaging in the restoration of an old farm area. We created four concrete grow boxes (20ft x 4ft) and used organic medium which includes a mixture of animal manure, top soil and limestone to adjust the soil PH. These grow boxes were transplanted with leafy vegetables to include Kale, Lettuce, Pakchoi and Mustard green. Additionally, fountain irrigation was installed to apply organic fertilizers as well as to irrigate the plants. To aid in controlling pest, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach was implemented. This includes a combination of biological, physical, and chemical controls such as: sticky insect traps, marigold flowers and organic pesticides that minimize potential harmful effects on food quality, human health, and environmental impact. Additionally, we aim at adhering to good agricultural practices and Ministry of Health COVID 19 regulations through the implementation of protocols which includes, hand washing stations, foots bath and safety signs.
Special Categories: The Best Family Garden, Most Decorative Garden, Most Sustainable Garden and Most Innovative Garden