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Title: WILLIAMS FAMILY GARDEN 2nd Video Submission
Author: EzraNestor
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: Welcome to the Williams Family Garden. (approx 54sq ft)
For the second phase of the gardening process. Ezra can be seen planting a Marigold plant as a form of Pest Management. Our kale, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, chive and celery are all growing wonderfully. The soil was topped up with some more leaves as mulch. Our DIY drip irrigator and rain water barrel both came in quite hand over the past few days which we quite hot.
In the garden Whitney uses her homemade pesticide formula of garlic, onion, and water and Dad can be seen staking the tomato plants which provides support to help keep the plants off the ground.
While the composting process will not be complete for a while. We have been continuously adding table scraps to the bin.

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