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Title: Curleena Weston GIY 2nd vid
Author: Curleena
Votes: 116

Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: The size of my garden falls in the Medium Kitchen Garden Category which is 7ft x5ft. My crops were planted 3 weeks ago .The crops planted were lettuce,celery,pak choy, cucumber, ochro, sweet pepper, Celery, Chive and Chahdon Benni. THE sub-categories i wish to enter are: Best influencer, Decorative Garden, Most Innovative,Most Sustainable.
compost teas are on even shakier ground when the tea is used to improve the soil.
Compost has been shown to improve soil tilth, help soil retain nutrients, enhance nutrient availability, increase rooting depth, and suppress root diseases. Compost tea contains relatively little of these carbon foods.
for my decorations i painted the bamboo structure , used burgundy mulch, little garden creatures, and colourful pebble for just a little dazzle.
a simple irrigation system was constructed using recycled plastic bottles in this cas water conservation is practiced