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Title: Kamilah's GIY DIY Large Garden #2
Author: KamiHil
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: Hi guys I'm Kamilah !
This is my 2nd submission for the competition for LARGE category. (60Sq ft)
EVERYTHING was built with recyclable/upcycled items from around the house

I have added eggs shells,compost, pebbles and a new wire trellis. I sprayed my natural pesticide 2 times since last video as something was eating my bhagi.

My growbox was built with UNTREATED pine wood and lined with landscaping fabric to help with it deterioration as it's all natural wood without any treatment used to preserve it.

All crops I grew from SEEDS from " seed saving" from my garden

Celery, chive, chadon beni,lettuce, string beans,cucumber, ochro(2 different varieties) kale, carrot greens,tomato, bhagi (2 varieties) & Sweet pepper

I fertilize with 20 - 20 - 20 Npk water soluble every 2 weeks & magnesium sulfate/epson salt

Pest control - marigold around the garden and my natural pesticide made from neem leaves,lavender,onion,garlic, hot pepper and black pepper soaked in water and added to a spray bottle and sprayed once every 2 weeks.

Composting - ALL vegetable scraps, leaves, toilet paper roll,newspaper, plain brown cardboard, egg shells,coffee scraps etc

My soil mix is made by me also - 60% Top soil, 30% Manure
5 % my homemade compost & 5% sharp sand

Weed control - I use untreated wood shavings from the sawmill.

Pollinator garden - chrysanthemums, periwinkle, dianthus flowers for the bees & butterflies.

I'm entering the subcategories - most innovative & sustainable garden.