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Title: Malaina Moffett Video 2 GIY Challenge (Large Category)
Author: Malaina
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: This video is the second video updating the development of my crops for the GIY Challenge 2021 from the Ministry of Sport and Community Development.

The crops I chose to plant were Celery, Chive, Pakchoi and Lettuce

In this video I highlighted some issues with a Cutworm Infestation with the Pakchoi and some water issues with the Chive

Lesson 1: Make sure to get different insecticides so that the insects don't grow immune to just one!!

Lesson 2: Chive cannot grow in an abundance of water so be careful not to water them more than once a day

Lesson 3: Ensure that not too much salts are placed in the soil. This can discolor your plants