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Title: “JUNGLE FEVER Part 2” (In Memory of Benn)
Author: Jan Alva
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: This is my 2nd Video Entry, in the Large Kitchen Garden Category and the Most Innovative. Please see Video #1 for details. I Dedicate this Video to the memory of my Father, Mr. Eric Ted Benn, who was a Farmer, he loved the land, and taught his children to do the same. We committed him back to that land on 21st May 2020,in the midst of the pandemic.

P.S. I transplanted celery, chive and shadon beni that were in the large planters which have more soil in the mix, to the stackable containers which is mostly promix. The soil mix holds too much water for them. I also transplanted a couple sweet peppers from the ground to a large planter where they can get more sun, and where it is easier for me to reach. As far as possible, I want to be able to reach my plants without having to bend all the time. I used a piece of PVC to make a design with the marigold, and also raise it higher. This also allows for better drainage. I replaced the green chair (see Video #1), with the Concrete Planter (with the tiki light in it). I also throw kitchen scraps inside the Concrete Planter, cover it (to keep out rodents and pests) and it becomes a composter. Once covered, it also serves as a seat when I need one. But I still have space to put a chair, a table and have a picnic. (smile) All other changes I explained in the video.