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Title: Silvers & Kid's Family Kitchen Garden
Author: Silvers
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: My name is DAVID SILVERTHORN and I live in the beautiful Turtle Village of Grande Riviere. It is my first time entering this "Grow It Yourself Challenge Competition" along with my children DESTINY 10 years old, KEMRON 14 years old and RONALDO 15 years old, who are all very instrumental in the participation of this farming process. We are anxious and having fun participating in this competition.
We are entering the Large Kitchen Garden Category, with a 12 x 5 feet Garden and also the Special Categories of Family, Most Innovative and Most Sustainable Kitchen Garden. The crops chosen are Pakchoi, Lettuce, Celery and Ochro. We choose the cheapest way out and built a Grow Box out of Bamboo and filled it with Manure from our Organic Compost Heap. The plants will be watered with Rain Water Collected. So it's all about being active, doing big things with the little you got and staying safe during this Covid 19 Pandemic. We plan on continuing to plant different crops after this competition for home consumption and any surplus would be sold at a reasonable price to the villagers.