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Title: GIY Large Kitchen Garden, Most Innovative Kitchen Garden
Author: NIDE1992
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: My kitchen garden is 10ft in length by 3ft in width and is made from scrap materials that were removed from my house during renovation. The design shows an innovative way in which one can grow there kitchen vegetables without the need for much land space. I chose to install wheels at the base of my design to give it an additional feature of mobility so that I can move my crops to an area where there is sun and placed them back into a shaded area so that they don’t get stressed out from the heat. In this kitchen garden I chose to cultivate Kale, Lettuce, Celery and Chive. It is my first time growing these crops and even planting on a whole but I tried to do some research as much as I could and I guess we’ll see how well the plants progress throughout this competition.