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Title: Britney Pacheco-Carrera “Green Thumb”
Author: Green Thumb
Votes: 130

Category: Small Kitchen Garden
Views: 630
Description: Size: 18sq.ft

Crops that flourished to date (10.06.22).
Long term Crops: 3 Melongene, 4 Cucumbers & 3 Ochroes
Short term Crops: 10 Patchoi, 12 Lettuce, 14 Celery & 18 Chive

Transplanting Date: 21st to 26th April, 2022

Land/Containers Preparation: Cutting & Spraying of the area for use. The area was then ploughed using a hand fork to create a raised bed and blocked around using old wood and concrete blocks. Concrete Pots, Plastic Containers, Tyres, PVC, Plastic Pots and Concrete Blocks were bought/recycled and used for planting.

Fertilizer/Manure: I mixed Cured Chicken Manure, Pro Mix, Sharp Sand, Tree Manure and Top Soil. The mixture varied for the individual crops. Harvest More 10:55:10 & X-tra Power were used at transplanting. Onion & Garlic Water and Composted Chicken Manure was mainly used to fertilize my crops.

Watering: Drip Irrigation System were set up using plastic bottles, swab sticks and shoelaces.

Insect Pests Observed: slugs, fleas, snails, budworms, aphids, leafminers, cucumber beetles.
Methods of Control: spraying, natural trap, mixed cropping, addition of companion plants (basil, tarragon, shadon beni, more chive plants) and planting of marigolds & Petunias.
Pesticide Used: Vinegar & Water mixture, Dishwashing liquid, Garlic & Water mixture and a container of Beer to attract and kill bugs and other pests.

Diseases Observed: Stunted growth of
2 Lettuce & 4 Patchoi plants at an early stage.

Yield: 8 Glossy Green Patchoi, 12 Crisp Lettuce, 32 Fresh Celery sticks, 40 Green & Firm Chives, 18 Crunchy Cucumbers.
Ochroes & Melongene are now entering their flowering stage, can't wait to harvest these beauties....

General Comments: This was AWESOME!!!!
Harvest were shared with family and neighbors.
I will definitely be planting back some crops......feeling so Accomplished & Satisfied ✅❤💯

Competing Special Categories:
a) Most Innovative Kitchen Garden
b) Most Sustainable Kitchen Garden
c) Best Influencer Kitchen Garden
e) Most Decorative Kitchen Garden