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Title: Sulaiman D Aquaman Phase 2 Video diary!!
Author: Sulaiman D Aquaman
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Category: Best Junior Kitchen Garden
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Description: I am so enjoying my first Aquaponics garden 10ft x 3ft (30 sq.ft)
Video Diary Phase 2 -May 3rd- May 25th 2022
-I used Dasheen leaves to cool the temperature of thewater for the fishes.
-I used old feed bags and sew them together to make a tent to create shade for the plants.
-I cleaned the pump to ensure the water remains pure all the time.
- I added Cascadura fishes to make fertilizers to the plants.

My first Aqauaponics garden has posed a lot of challenges. However, I am willing to learn more through my research on Aquaponics. I am happy to take on anything that comes as a challenge in this process. I will learn and improve my skills with time and expand my knowledge in my Aquaponics systems.