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Title: Randy Sooknanan GIY 2022 Large Kitchen Garden
Author: randysooknanan
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: DESCRIPTION: Total Garden Space: 83 Sq .ft. 4 Grow boxes.

Soil used are: Garden Top Soil, Compost, Peat Moss, Perlite and Sharp-Sand.

Short-term Crops Planted on 20/04/2022
1. Patchoi: 8 seedlings type White Stemmed.
2. Celery and Chive: Seedlings 12 each

Long-term Crops Planted on 20/04/2022
1. Cauliflower: 6 seedlings
2. Cucumber: 2 seedlings
3. Tomatoes: 8 seedlings

Fertilizer Used: NPK 12-24-12
Limestone ( To reduce acidity of peat moss), Calcium (To prevent blossom end rot)

Insect Pest(s) Observed: Spidermites
Use of Neem Oil and Cure Insecticide.

Diseases Observed: None as at 03522