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Title: Clarence Peters Grow it Yourself 1st Video
Author: CropKing
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: Companion Planting
Large Kitchen Garden 100 sqft
Two Grow box 8ft X 5ft (80 sqft)
Four 5 gallon ( white ) buckets
Four 3 gallon ( brown) buckets
1st Grow box 8ft X 5ft contains
Two Cauliflower, Five Kale, Four Armanathus(Spinach/Bhaji), Three Ochra, 1 lettuce, Two Cabbage, Seven Bodi ( Trellis system to support growth), Concrete blocks holes filled with Seasonings ( chive, celery and Shadon beni)
2nd Grow box Contains
Three Melongene, Four Armanathus(Spinach Bhaji), Three Cabbage , Three Cucumber, Seven String beans, Concrete block filled with seasonings [ chive, celery and Shadon beni]
Four white 5 Gallon buckets
Two contains Tomatoes ( cherry type and a variety named calypso)
The other two contains Sweet Peppers
Four brown 3 Gallon buckets
Contains parsely
4 inch PVC Pipe contained Two Patchoi and Three lettuce ( two bronze and one eden)
Grow box bed contains a mixture of high organic matter , sharp sand and Saw dust. Buckets contain Cocopeat mixture and Organic matter mix.
Thank You