Feature Address by Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly- Launch of Feature Film Grant

June 8, 2018

The ways in which films permeate life are vast – it is where we are transported to another realm, another dimension depicting the rich heritage of our country through our history, tradition, culture, arts and philosophy. It is due to the importance of film in the society that Visual Arts has been incorporated into our schools’ curriculum and is such as important element in our heritage.

The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts is pleased to collaborate with the New World Film Centre (NWFC), an organization responsible for several successful initiatives in the local film industry. This project supports the Ministry’s strategic goals of discovering nascent talent in our communities, nurturing budding artistes and promoting our artistic expression.

Moreover, it is my belief that we can stimulate the interest of first time film makers from Trinidad and Tobago to realise their dream of finally producing a feature film. Indeed, this project allows the Ministry to be executive producers and to be part of team involved in the production and coordination of three new local narrative feature films by emerging local first time feature filmmakers.

I am personally looking forward to the screening of these feature films at the 2019 Film Festival which will be held as part of CARIFESTA Fourteen (XIV) in Trinidad and Tobago from August 16 to 25th 2019.

Earlier in my remarks I spoke to the fact that this project seeks to discover nascent talent, nurture budding artistes and promote artistic expression. Our artforms, our stories are world class and they need to be packaged and shared.

We have seen the potential in music, most recently with Nailah Blackman and her BET nomination.

We all feel that sense of pride in her latest accomplishment and just a plug – we need to vote for Nailah. So go online and do your part.

Many filmmakers toil in the vineyards for years working to get their passion onto the screen. We are now part of their team helping to make their vision a reality; this grant is an investment in that dream. It is hoped that corporate Trinidad and Tobago also comes forward, as they have in the past, mirroring BP’s support of Green Days by the River and To be a the Renegade and Shell’s support of the documentary on the Pan in Schools project.

As a people we have so many stories to tell and the lens of the videographer can take us on a journey borne out of a dream, a vision. This feature film grant is a great opportunity to make an invaluable contribution towards the indomitable spirit that is Trinidad and Tobago and the stories and intangible heritage that we will preserve, through film.

I thank you.