Couva Community gets help in land and family dispute matters from Mediation Services Division


The Community Mediation Services Division of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts continued its sensitization series across the country, with a session at the Preysal Community Centre in Preysal, Couva on Thursday December 7, 2017.

 Residents of the area, both young and old were able to benefit from the informative, hour-long session, which highlighted the suite of free services of the Mediation Division. 

 As explained by Mediation Assistant, Rachel Harry at the session, Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process which helps to identify issues in a dispute and focuses on resolving the issues in a non-violent manner, where parties work together to reach agreement, or at least partial agreement. 

 Ultimately the objective is to build and restore relationships.  At the end of the session, Veda Roach, Manager, Central Main Mediation Centre, fielded questions from members of the Preysal community, with many seeking information on how to settle land matters and family disputes.

 This series of sensitization sessions, which started in May of this year, directly engages the community in the key issues affecting them and is aimed at raising awareness of the range of services offered by the Mediation Services Division and how to access them at any of the eight (8) Mediation Centres across the country. Participants were encouraged to utilize the services and share the information within their communities.

 This was the final sensitization session for 2017, with the sessions set to resume at dates and venues to be announced in 2018.