Best Village – Traditions of Carnival

Traditions of Carnival Rules/Guidelines


Registration & Submission period: February14th – 28th 2022


Submission must include: Synopsis of presentation and Links for YouTube videos


Drama Dance Music
Pierrot GrenadeCarnival Character DanceOriginal Calypso
Midnight RobberDiabmolassie DanceChutney Soca
Ole Mas` IndividualSailor DanceTambu Bamboo
Ole Mas` CoupleSoca Chutney DanceRhythm Section
Soca Dance 


1. Individuals and Groups can participate in ANY category and ALL of the segments listed in EACH category with the EXCEPTION of the Dance Category.

2. Dance Categories are limited to solos, duets or trios using recorded music as far as possible. Groups/Individuals participating in this category are restricted to no more than 3 segments of the dance

3. ALL categories are solos, duets or trios performances EXCEPT for Tambu Bamboo and Rhythm Section.

4. Tambu Bamboo and Rhythm Section are to have a maximum of five (5) persons. Performance videos should be between minimum three (3) to maximum four (4) minutes

5. The Original Calypsos and Chutney Soca must be ORIGINAL WORK which was not entered in any competition prior to this one. Calypsos / Chutney are to be a maximum of four (4) minutes including introduction. Accompaniment must be recorded or limited to one (1) guitarist and two (2) backup singers/chorus.

6. Ole Mas` videos must be two (2) – three (3) minutes including introduction. Placard/sign must be clearly written and highlighted throughout the portrayal with the appropriate music to compliment depictions.

7. To complete the registration process ALL Participants must :

a. Include a synopsis of your portrayals on the registration Google form

b. Submit/paste your link in the space provided on the Google form

8. A special prize will be awarded for People’s Choice. The People’s Choice Award is based on the MOST LIKES not views on your video submission.  The People’s Choice will be judged during the period of the competition from February 14th to February 28th only.

9. Participants can access the Ministry’s Facebook for information on Traditional Carnival Characters which will be featured throughout the month of February as part of the Traditional Carnival History Month. This will assist in preparing your synopsis and maintaining the authenticity of the selected character.

10. Important note:
  • Performers will be disqualified for exceeding the maximum amount of performers or accompaniments allowed. 
  •  1  point will be deducted for every 20 seconds or part thereof over or under the stipulated time. 


Google Form for submissions

For more information please contact the Best Village District Offices.