Address at 34th Annual NWAC Calypso Queen Competition

It is my pleasure to witness yet another example of the brilliance and creativity of thought, word, action and song.  Tonight we will hear the calypsonians perspectives on issues which resonate with us as a people through our traditional calypso, we will assimilate our experience of living in Trinidad and Tobago in 2018.

As Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, I commend you the members of the National Action Cultural Committee for your commitment and dedication to the development and promotion of the arts in Trinidad and Tobago.

For the last thirty years the NACC has worked hard to carve out a unique space on the Carnival Calendar. The National Calypso Queen Competition, serves as an incubator for young, up-coming talent, and a forum for discussion of the issues which affect the women of Trinidad and Tobago. May all women of calypso use this to their greatest advantage and tell our stories with courage, authenticity and truth.

Through calypso we archive our history, celebrate our triumphs, and through calypso we have traditionally incited very useful and soul-searching discussion on national issues – long live this Legacy.

May all calypsonians discharge their awesome opportunity to influence the national conversation with responsibility.

Let me take a moment to join with the National Women’s Action Committee in honouring the distinguished artiste known in the calypso world as Lady Venus for her stellar contribution to calypso.

 But, ladies and gentlemen, tonight is not about talk, it’s about the music, and I look forward with great anticipation to the contributions.

Thank you.

And may the Best Woman Win.